The new home of Style & Craft
The new home of Style & Craft
19 Jun 2015
Life has been busy since we finished on ‘The Block’. And what a crazy six weeks on Reno Rumble. Although it doesn’t always make the cut, we had THE BEST time, with a lot of laughs. Rumble was a culmination of everything we love doing – renovating, creating beautiful spaces, quick problem solving and forging new friendships.
On a personal note, whilst filming Reno Rumble, our first home went under the hammer. We bought this home when we were 20 (Kara) and 21 (Kyal) with savings we scraped together on university student and apprentice wages. We spent three years saving a little, renovating, saving a little, renovating a little bit more (repeat) until we had transformed a little fibro shack into a beautiful family home. A lot of late nights and weekends spent demolishing, building, sheeting and painting. Although we didn’t have a spare second to think about it whilst on Rumble, selling this home has been a big ‘life moment’ for us. A good example of hard work paying off, and rewarding to know that the home we designed for a family, was indeed bought by a growing family.

In 2014, soon after our ‘Block’ auction; the day the prize money settled in our bank account to be precise, we bought a beach shack at auction. Although this home does look relatively cute on the outside, with uneven foundations and the primary building material being asbestos – it’s a definite knock down. However, location is everything and a short stroll across to the beach is a dream in the making. Now is the time for us to put pen to paper and have a good think about the design of our Coastal home. Looking forward to sharing this process with you all.

We’ve travelled a lot over the last year, which has really refined our skills of ‘working on the go’. Alongside Scotty we assisted with the launch of the Bisley Workwear ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ campaign, with money raised going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As ambassadors for Beaumont tiles, we had the pleasure of being involved in their ‘Tile and Style’ Workshops, assisting people with the age old question ‘where the heck do I start?’ when renovating my bathroom. Stay tuned as there will be more of these workshops over the coming year.

As we continue growing ‘Diverse Design & Construct’ and focusing on the finer details, ‘Craft & Style’ is the essence of what we do. Thank you so much for following our journey over the past 18months. We’re looking forward to growing and sharing more work with you all.